Classical Style: The Fashion That Lasts Forever


Fashion is part of a woman’s life because everyone wants to look good and follow the latest trends in clothing, shoes and accessories. Every year fashion offers different proposals so that every woman can choose what style of clothing suits her best. Unfortunately, fashion offers ideas that do not fit all women and that makes many of them do not know what to wear. The solution is to follow the CLASSICAL fashion style that suits all women. These garments never go out of style and adapt to any event and circumstance. The CLASSICAL style transcends all fashion seasons while retaining its original charm.

Classic garments to have in your closet

The CLASSICAL fashion style has several items that you must have in your closet to be always well dressed. These garments will fit you all year long and you can combine them with accessories of the current season. Therefore, in your closet you should have: white shirt, dress pants, straight blazer, pleated skirt, blue straight jeans, gabardine jacket, basic leather jacket, straight skirt, blue jean jacket and black straight knee dress. The colors that predominate in the CLASSICAL style last all seasons: black, nude, white and all shades of gray.

Guidelines to identify the classical style

The classic style has its own characteristics that you will quickly identify.

-The design of the garments is basic and simple, avoiding unnecessary embellishments.

-Good quality fabrics are used that adapt perfectly to the female skin. Examples: cotton, silk, wool, linen, etc.

-A CLASSICAL outfit adapts to various contexts. You can wear the same outfit in different circumstances . Any classic outfit works for work, shopping, going out with friends or attending your favorite singer’s concert.

-CLASSICAL style pays off in the long run. If you buy good quality classic garments they will last for many years and will never go out of style.