A collection of favorite underwear by Skims


When you are outdoors, in the office, in front of clients, or in a meeting, you need to be comfortable with what you wear, not just your outer clothing but also your undergarments. Some highly satisfactory undergarments that you can consider are as follows.

1. Fits Everybody Boy Short

This boy short s trendy and highly comfortable to wear. It hugs your waist and keeps your body well-shaped. It is of Cotton Gusset plus Polyamide and Elastane. When you are looking for perfection and have no time to look for other products to give you the highest quality, this one fits the bill.

2. Fits Everybody Mini Boy Short

When you want to ooze with sex appeal and need a boost of confidence, this mini-boy short can help with your aim. It is of Cotton Gusset, which gives it high elasticity and comfort. It will not leave you with any skin marks. Care is required for this garment to keep its high quality.

3. Fits Everybody Micro Thong

Fit you like a second skin, plus the color is ideal to heighten your femininity. If you want to make sure you look good and stunning in any dress, you need to wear an undergarment that is barely there. What is surprising about this micro thong is that it will not leave any marks after wearing it, which is what most women look for in underwear.

4. Fits Everybody Dipped Front Thong Pack

Add this to your collection with 5-pieces of thongs you can use daily. It also comes in various colors that you can use daily. This pack is ideal and worth every penny. Stretchy fabric, quick dry and will leave no markings after use. What else do you need, it is the comfort fit you are after.

5. Cotton Jersey Full Brief

Traditional fit for your conservative taste, this cotton jersey full brief is what you need. Color is perfect and perfect with several types of dresses or any outfit. The lightweight and soft feel match your taste and accuracy. If you want undergarments that will not give you any discomfort, this is another perfect garment for your collection.

6. Cotton Rib Boxer

Women who don’t wear shorts at home wear something nice and highly comfortable undergarments. They go for a cotton rib boxer. It is breathable, stretchy, made of cotton, and one that you can wear with any other outfit. You cannot say no to this undergarment.

7. Cotton Rib Thong

There are available sizes for you, and if you want a high-cut sporty thong for your collection, you should consider this variety. Made of stretchy cotton fabric paired with a wide waistband and cozy with the high-cut leg quality. You can machine wash this piece of clothing cold.