8 Bags + Travel Products To Inspire Your Adventures


Every outdoor enthusiast needs a quality travel bag. It should be comfortable and easy to organize your essentials. Here are some bags + travel products to inspire your adventures.

1. ALOHA- Mini Pouch

Crafted out of the love for adventure, the steel blue splatter Mini Pouch will protect your essentials from spills and splashes. It’s spacious enough to carry your essentials. Apart from the versatility, this bag feels nice to hold. The dimensions are 6-inches (length), 1-inch wide, and 3.75” tall.

2. Vuori gym bag

Vuori bag is designed for those who want an active lifestyle – you can bring it to the office, gym, beach, or studio. It’s also deceptively durable, thanks to the polyester/cotton/polyamide blend. Other signature features include a ton of pockets, zippered shoe compartment, and a removable shoulder strap. The dimensions for the Vuori bag are 16.9” by 9” by 12.9”.

3. Aloha –Mini Pouch

The Dogwood Frond pouch is crafted with special material to protect your essentials from splashes, spills, and more. With dimensions of 8.5” in length, 2” wide, and 3.75” tall, you have enough room to keep your essentials. Other than that, you can shorten the strap to 28.5” or extend it to 43”. The pouch also features an internal zipper to keep your keys and cards secure.

4. Aloha Daytripper

The platinum shibori stripe bag is designed for those who love adventure and travel. It’s available in size (ONS), while the dimensions are 19” (across the top) by 14” (tall) by 6” (gusset). Another feature that makes the day tripper stand out is the quality material – it protects against spills and splashes.

5. Aloha Hip Mini Pack

This black bag is designed to suit the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. Its size is ONS, while the dimensions are 8.5”(length), 2” (wide), and 3.75” (tall). This is the perfect bag for folks who want to protect their essentials against harsh weather. You can shorten the strap from 43 inches to 28.5 inches.

6. Aloha Mini Pouch (Burnt Clay)

This is the perfect-sized pouch to carry your essentials. It’s crafted to suit the needs of those who love adventure. The Burnt Clay comes in a size ONS and features a special material to protect your stuff from splashes and spills.

7. Aloha Mid Pouch

The dune charter stripe bag is the ultimate organizer for folks who want to explore the outdoors in fashion. With dimensions of 11.5 inches by 2 inches by 8.5 inches tall, this mid pouch is what you need to keep your essentials close.

8. Aloha Mid Pouch (Ink Frond)

The Ink Frond dimensions are 11.5” (length), 2” (width), and 8.5” (tall). It’s the ultimate organizer to protect your stuff from harsh weather. Since the pouch was born out of travel and adventure, you get the best of both worlds.