Women’s comfortable and high performing bottoms


Getting fit is a requirement but acquiring some perfectly fitting bottoms to wear is an essential. Here are some samples of women’s bottoms to choose from.

1. Performance Jogger (Cerise Heather)

This jogger is an ideal garment not just because of its fit but with the premium stretch fabric. It is perfect when you want to go outdoors and still feel comfortable. It has a cropped leg that is just right to show the shoes you would like to pair with it. Made of the softest DreamKnit fabric and provided with highly satisfactory details.

2. Halo Performance Skirt

Simple yet stylish, this skirt can provide such comfort if you are playing or enjoying yourself outdoors. Perfect for your favorite sneakers, and you will surely stand out. The high-rise fit and the sweat-wicking Dreamknit fabric used to manufacture this dress are indeed for the high-performance character in you. The stretchy quality can also increase the comfort you need.

3. Daily Jogger (Rosewood)

For the sports enthusiast or if you like to keep fit, then this jogger is a big help, particularly with the BreatherInterlock feature of the fabric, making it doubly comfortable. It is a classic, yet it is also considered a fascinating addition to trending garments. Other features include a high rise, cuffs, and a ribbed waistband.

4. Clean Elevation Legging-long (Jade Heather)

For a more covered but trending look, here is another version of your favorite leggings. The performance is still remarkable, and features that include a high rise, moisture wicking, plus pockets complete the attire. If you are more at ease with having your entire legs covered, this long legging will do for you, and match it with your favored, classy shoes.

5. Performance Jogger (Pale Heather Camo)

It is of premium stretch fabric designed with DreamKnit. Having a soft feel, plus a relaxed fit, you will have fun wearing this jogger. When you thought there is nothing as comfortable to make your daily run a convenience, this garment is what you are looking for.

6. Rib Studio Short

If you are looking for an ally when you need greater mobility while biking or even walking around to keep fit, this shirt is what you need. It has a high-rise waist but fewer side seams making this shorts trendy. It comes in black, and there are sizes available. You will not find it tough to get the size that fits perfectly.

7. Halo Performance Skirt (Azure Heather)

When you want to wear a uniquely designed skirt with all the functionality, this skirt has all the requirements. It is a high rise, with an interior lining, and pockets, and since it is sweat-wicking Dreamknit material, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this skirt.

8. Daily Jogger (Oregano)

This daily legging should be in your collection. The features are the ideal quality with the high-rise fit, the ideal cuffs, and the ribbed waistband. It creates this stunning jogger. There are colors to choose from, but this Oregano color is unique and the perfect partner when you go hiking, running, or doing yoga.

9. Stride Legging (Oregano Splatter)

With the quick dry feature of this legging, you will feel that this is what you need for your daily runs. It has a stretchy fabric with a highly comforting feel while you do your workout. The stash pockets included also complete the entire look. Several fits depend on your preference, plus there are colors available.