Wedding Band Styles for the Groom-to-Be


If you’re getting married in the near future, you’re probably already thinking about the ring you’re going to give your soon-to-be wife as a symbol of your love and commitment to her. And chances are, if you’re not too keen on surprises, she told you what kind of wedding band she would like: one with meaning, style and quality that represents both of your personalities. But even if you did, where do you go from there? Here are the basic types of men’s wedding bands and what they all mean.

1. 5mm Slim Profile Wedding Ring

If your bride-to-be had a specific ring in mind, it’s likely this one. It’s a popular design that is quite thin, making it sleek and masculine. The narrow band is crafted of solid gold or platinum and can be customized with engravings such as initials or birthstones.

2. 6mm Jett Wedding Ring

If you’re looking for a little more sparkle, consider this option. The thin strip of gleaming white gold or platinum is framed by a strip of polished beveled edges and gems. The extra glitz and glamour gives it that something special that really gives off the sense of celebration.

3. 4mm Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

This one is the perfect option for the man who wants a touch of classic symbolism. It’s a classic wedding band design that is wider than the slim profile ring but still sleek and simple. The comfort fit ring means that it will be easier to wear and it will also last a long time.

4. 5mm Mojave Wedding Ring

If you’re not a traditionalist, this design is the one for you. It has a great sense of style and a little bit of edge for someone looking for something that’s totally out of the ordinary. It is crafted from 14K yellow gold with an elegant beveled edge design on the top.

5. 5mm Matte Comfort Fit Wedding Ring

This option is the total opposite of the comfort fit ring. It’s a masculine design that is not too flashy and not too traditional. The matte finish gives it a modern look and it’s classic enough to be worn by generations to come.

6. Endeavor Wedding Ring

If you’re looking for something that has a lot of style and a little bit of class, this is the one for you. It has an antique finish and it can be customized with different engravings.

7. 5.5mm Beveled Edge Matte Wedding Ring

Look for this style if you want something that is modern and trendy. The matte finish on this 4mm wedding band gives it a great sense of class and style. It can be customized with different engravings and the band is handmade in the USA.