Celebrity Gossip: Is It Really News?


Even some of the world’s top publications, magazines and newspapers can’t help to lead with a few celebrity news from time to time. To a serious journalist, the fact that Cher has had plastic surgery again is not really news, but neither is it fake news.

There are those that argue that “clickbait” news are just as worthy of our attention as other topical events.

Why We Need Clickbait News

You are probably asking yourself why we need clickbait news. The truth is that we all want something to talk about with our friends and family.

Previous generations are surprised when they realize how fascinated we are by what they like to call celebrity gossip. But the truth is that celebrity culture is now an important part of life. Many celebrities are news worthy items.

A good example of that would be Prince Harry and Meghan. Almost everything that they say or do is judged to be a newsworthy item. Meghan only has to say whisper global warming before she steps on board a private jet and it is in the news.

Any savvy journalist would realize there is at least a two news piece item in what Meghan just said and did. First of all, she said something about global warming and how concerned she is about our world heating up. Then she blatantly jetted off leaving a trail of polluting carbon in her wake.

Both are bound to end up in the news one way or another. That is exactly the sort of news we like to talk about with our friends and family. It is not a complicated matter, just a bit of clickbait to share with others.

What is the future of clickbait news? It is still such a new phenomena that we are likely to see more of it in the future. We don’t want to read about doom and gloom all of the time. As a matter of fact, it would be fair to say we want our news to be more frivolous. That is what clickbait news are all about!