Are We Going To See Daniel Craig On The Red Carpet This Year?


The release of the next James Bond movie is eagerly anticipated by fans of the franchise. However, many in the movie industry think that we may have to wait until the next year to find out what super villain he will encounter in his next movie.

Covid has had a huge impact on the entire movie industry. Most of us don’t think of the red carpet as industry, but it certainly is certainly a business in its own right. It employs a huge number of people from cleaners to the stars themselves.

Surprising Facts About the Red Carpet Business

Who makes a living from the red carpet? Next time you see a red carpet event on TV, take a closer look and you will find a large number of people milling around the hallowed space.

For instance, did you know the red carpet is put down and then cleaned to perfection? Not all companies are judged to have the right tools to do the job. Only top carpet cleaning companies are awarded the opportunity to shampoo that special red carpet.

Then you have the ushers. Don’t for one moment think that all of those stars know where to stand and how to walk down the red carpet. More than one celebrity including Daniel Craig has had someone whisper in their ear where to go.

We mustn’t forget about the paparazzi. For every red carpet event, they know that they have a serious earnings opportunity. What of they can snap that one photograph which will go viral and appear in every publication in the world? That would be one heck of a pay day.

What about all of that champagne? We can’t expect Mr Craig to pour his own champagne now, can we? That simply would not do.

Of course, we must not forget about the body guards and the good folk handing out the swag bags.

There you go. The red carpet is not all about Hollywood glamour. It acts as an employer for many people from all walks of life.