8 Platinum Necklaces That You Can Add To Your Jewelry Box


When you talk about jewelry, gold is the most often mentioned. White gold necklaces are not common. If you’re looking for another unique piece of jewelry that you can add to your collection, you might want to consider platinum necklaces. They have this charm and appeal that only they can bring about. Here are 8 platinum necklaces that you get.

1. Bezel Strand Diamond Necklace

You’ll love the small and brilliant diamonds adorned on this white gold necklace. The diamonds are bezel-set diamonds and they are evenly distributed across the chain. This is classic and elegant. You can even layer this with a much longer necklace.

2. Trio Diamond Pendant

Your girl’s best friends will be intrigued once they see this necklace. It’s very charming. The trio diamond pendant is small in size adding cuteness to the necklace. It shines under the light of the sun.

3. Diamond Halo Pendant

This pendant consists of diamonds in different sizes. There is a big stone of diamond in the middle surrounded by small stones of diamonds. This will make you look dazzling to everyone’s eyes. The diamond is lab created and in the shape of a pear.

4. Sapphire Pave Twist Pendant

The stone sapphire looks good on white gold necklaces. Did you know that sapphire is associated with royalty? When you wear this necklace you’ll instantly feel like a queen. It has that effect. It can also mesmerize people once they look at you.

5. Mom Diamond Sunlight Charm

This is one way to honor your mother’s unconditional love for you. The pendant allows you to engrave the word mom on it. You can gift this to your mom or yourself. The pendant is also surrounded by little stones of diamonds.

6. Luxe North Star Diamond Pendant

The northern star is a special one. In the past, it helps travelers to navigate their way on the sea and in the woods. With the help of this star, they never get lost. Having this necklace will give a sense of direction to your life.

7. Pointe Diamond Pendant

This necklace features a contemporary and elegant look. The diamonds are arranged in a vertical row. From the top to the bottom are pieces of diamonds that are stunning and adorable. You’ll surely love the unique charm of this necklace.

8. Oceana Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant

You’ll love the simplicity of this necklace. It also features a design that resembles that of a flower. If you are born in March then it’s another reason to have this. The aquamarine stone is surrounded by small stones of diamonds that makes the necklace extra special.