8 Headgears You Didn’t Know You Needed


Your hair is your crowning glory. This is especially the case for women. You can’t go out of your house with your messy hair. That will make you look unprofessional and messy. If you’ve got no time to do your hair, some things can save the day. Headwear! Here are 8 head gears you didn’t know you needed.

1. Halo Oversized Scrunchy

Scrunchies are a girl’s best friend. If you have long hair, you need a tie that you can grab anytime. This scrunchy can even double as your bracelet. You can wear it on your wrist and grab it easily anytime you need it.

2. Tie Scrunchy

This is another hair tie that you can get. This features a rainbow design so it will look cute on your hair. It will look cute also on your wrist. The fabric used to make this is durable and easy to dry. It also does not smell.

3. Beacons Lifeguard Hat

This is a woven straw hat. You can use this when you tend your garden under the hot morning sun. You can also use this when you go to the beach. This is comfortable to wear because inside is a knit elastic sweatband.

4. We Rise Bandana

Bandanas give off vintage and country vibes. You can wear this with your cowboy outfit. This is versatile. It can tie your hair. It can protect your head from the sun and light rain drizzle. It can even be your scarf and a clothing accessory.

5. Mini Scrunchy

This is a set of three hair ties that you can put on your wrist or inside your pocket. You can use this to make small and simple hairstyles. If you are the type who always loses their hair ties, this is for you because you get three.

6. California Beanie

Of course, you need a beanie. This is extremely helpful on cold days when you don’t want to wear a hoodie. This can protect and keep your head warm during the winter days. It’s also fashionable. It makes you look cute and stylish.

7. Studio Headband

Headbands will change your life. If you always have to deal with stubborn baby hairs in the morning, this headband can tame them immediately. You can also use this when you wash your face in the evening.

8. Club Dad Hat

Hats are a staple. You can wear them on both cold and hot days. They can also add some appeal to your outfits. This hat is available in different colors. If you want a hat that you can wear every day then go for the black one.