8 Aquamarine Rings That She Will Definitely Love


There’s something about the aquamarine gemstone that makes them stunningly beautiful. First of all, it’s in the color blue which is pleasing to the eyes. Aquamarine is also the birthstone of people born in March. If your girlfriend is born in March, she will love this thoughtful gift or engagement ring. Here are 8 aquamarine rings that you can choose from.

1. Aquamarine Petite Twisted Vine Ring

The aquamarine stone in this ring measures 9 mm. You are free to customize the stone whether you like it in a round or square shape. The ring band is a twisted vine. One is adorned with small pieces of diamonds adding appeal to the ring.

2. Aquamarine Petite Shared Prong Ring

This is for your girl’s petite finger. It also features a simple design. There’s a stone of aquamarine in the middle of the ring. On the opposite sides are pieces of diamonds adding glow to the ring. The stone measures 9mm.

3. Aquamarine Petite Elodie Ring

If your girl loves gold, this is the ring you should go for. This features a 9mm fine round aquamarine stone. Nothing is designed on the band. It’s just plain gold. You can also choose to have the stone cut in square and other available shapes.

4. Aquamarine Waverly Diamond Ring

Diamonds look great on the stone aquamarine and this ring is proof of that. The aquamarine stone is wrapped in a circle of diamonds. The round ring is also adorned with diamonds. She’ll love the sparkle of this ring.

5. Aquamarine Secret Garden Diamond Ring

Want an engagement ring that looks like it comes out of a fantasy book? Then this is the ring you should go for. The aquamarine stone is wrapped around vines of diamonds and silver. This ring is the definition of rare beauty.

6. Aquamarine Primrose Diamond Ring

Rose gold jewelry is the new trend. This ring is in the color pink. If she loves the color pink, she’ll love this ring. It is also adorned with the gemstone aquamarine placed in the middle. The diamonds on the opposite sides of the stone are also dazzling.

7. Aquamarine Luxe Rhiannon Diamond Ring

Diamond, gold, and aquamarine. This ring has them all. Your girl will love that she can see a lot of colors in her engagement ring. On the opposite side of the aquamarine stone are blocks of diamonds. The band holding these stones is made of gold.

8. Aquamarine Cadenza Halo Diamond Ring

This ring is very unique. It is not easy to encounter one. First of all, it has a thick rose gold band. It is also adorned with small stones of diamonds. In the middle is a 9mm aquamarine stone. This is also wrapped in rose gold.